Warehouse Services

warehouse services
Care Home Relocation offers Warehousing services for Housing , officials and Industrial goods. Customer has to give the undertaking that the goods are non-toxic, non-flammable and legal. We provide customized storage solution depending upon the size , area required and type of goods.



From few boxes / packets to entire household goods, from 100 sq ft to thousands sq. ft and from one week duration to years of storage time, we customize storage solution as per your requirements. We ensure safe and clean storage and handover the goods in the same condition as received from the customer.


For office storage , from old files / paperwork, excess stock, furniture and even for industrial machines we at Care Home Relocation provide remove and storage services at cost effective customized packages.

Are you concerned about moving your family valuables to a storage area space or warehousing and your valuables are still unpacked? Do not be traumatic. Relax a bit.

You can have hassle-free and sleek encounter. Go through this content to find your choices. There are several organizations and warehousing providers in different places & areas of India providing secure warehousing & storage area features on your needs for storage area on your move. Moving your family valuables to a storage area space or factory can be interesting and boring starting if you do not prepare for it, well in advance. To create the process much simpler and simpler you will need to do proper planning and packaging of your house products and valuables.

You have two choices. Either you should seek the services of a warehousing agent or you should seek the services of expert moving organizations that also provide warehousing features for your useful products. We will eliminate the requirement of search for warehousing providers and moving organizations independently. Getting house products loaded effectively for saving them in warehousing area can help secure them well and ensure that your useful house valuables are secure and risk-free.  Once items are arriving at the location, it should be moved successfully and saved safely. Know about some tips that will assist you secure items as well as systematize them successfully in the warehousing & storage space.

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